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Fakeaway Slow Cooker Recipes

Give your local takeaway delivery man a night off with our awesome fakeaway slow cooker recipes!

What is a fakeaway?

A fakeaway is exactly how it sounds, a fake takeaway! Instead of paying a local restaurant for an Indian/Thai/Chinese/whatever takeaway, you create a fakeaway yourself at home. It tastes as good (if not better!), is healthier, and costs less. Fakeaways can be any typical takeaway cuisine - Thai, Indian, Chinese, even Italian!

Why are slow cookers good for fakeaways?

Slow cookers are great for fakeaways as you can use cheaper cuts of meat but still create amazing flavours. Whether it's a classic Chicken Tikka Masala or a Thai Green Curry, we've got you covered.

So, clear out the back of your kitchen drawer, throw away the takeaway menus - and get out your slow cooker!