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Hello, and welcome to the Slow Cooker Club! We’re Rebecca and David, parents to a rambunctious three year old, an impatient zero year old (she was six weeks early!), and our gorgeous Staffie Maia.

We met in 2009 whilst working in London, and got married in 2014. Food has always been a big part of our relationship – apart from the fact we’re two of the most hangry people you’ll ever meet – we’ve always enjoyed cooking together and eating out (are there people that don’t enjoy these things?!).

David and Rebecca

Life always feels like we’re in such a rush – drop off our son at nursery, rush to work, rush home from work to pick him up again, rush to get somewhere else….you get the idea. However, the place we always take our time – is at the dinner table. We always eat together, and we usually (yes, we all cheat sometimes) try and have a freshly cooked meal. It was during the search for easy-to-make freshly cooked meals (long before we were married or started a family) that we discovered the awesomeness of the slow cooker, and the rest, as they say, was history.

Using a slow cooker has always had a stigma attached to it – boring casseroles made by a stuffy old woman in her 1970s kitchen. But it doesn’t need to be this way! Did you ever think that you could replace your Friday night fakeaway with a slow cooker, or produce BBQ Shredded Chicken so mind-blowingly awesome that people literally won’t believe you made it in a slow cooker? Well you can, you just needed to come to this site to find out how!

Slow Cooker Club family

As well as food made in the slow cooker, we also love food that’s cooked slowly. Confused? You know the kind of dish – the longer you leave it in your oven, the better it tastes when it comes out – think short rib beef, pulled pork, lamb tagine, the list goes on. Most of our slow cooker recipes can be made in an oven too – and we’ll highlight the ones where this is an option.

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Rebecca and David x

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